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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 7, No. 1 (2011) open journal systems 

An Early-Stage ICT Maturity Model Derived from Ethiopian Education Institutions

Julian M Bass, Robert Gordon University

Developing an initial ICT infrastructure in education institutions is disproportionately expensive in developing countries and sustainable interventions are difficult to achieve. There has been a lack of concrete guidance regarding the stages of development needed to make efficient use of resources and maximise the chances of sustainable investments. To address these needs, an ICT Maturity Model is presented that has been derived from documentary sources and an analysis of selected schools, colleges and universities in Ethiopia. The surveyed institutions include five primary schools, six teacher education colleges, five public universities and a higher education preparatory schohol. The Model defines the ICT infrastructure resource levels required to achieve primary organisational objectives expressed in the form of student learning outcomes. The Model consists of eight levels, with the focus here on the lowest levels defining the infrastructure required to enable initial computer training. The levels in the Maturity Model show management, teaching and technical staff, as well as donors how to make most efficient use of ICT resources by maximising opportunities for student learning. Although developed and tested in the context of one country, it is hoped that the Model will be applicable across a range of developing countries.

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