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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 9, No. 2 (2013) open journal systems 

A framework for the integration of e-learning in higher education institutions in developing countries

Geoffrey Mayoka Kituyi, Makerere University Business School, Uganda
Irene Philper Tusubira, Makerere University Business School, Uganda

The aim of this research was to design a framework for integrating e-learning in Higher Education Institutions in developing countries. Data were collected from 266 university students and staff of five universities in Uganda using a questionnaire and analyzed. In addition, different e-learning frameworks and models were studied and used as benchmarks for purposes of designing the proposed framework. The applicability of the proposed framework was validated with case studies in all the participating universities. Validation results indicate that the proposed framework, if well implemented can help improve e-learning integration in Higher Education Institutions operating in developing countries since it provides a step by step approach to be used during e-learning integration and also identifies the key stakeholders and their roles for successful e-learning integration. The requirements for e-learning integration were identified as; use of projection equipment; use of e-learning methods to teach and face-to-face method to administer tests and exams; harmonization of course content for e-learning and face-to-face during design phase; incorporation of 3D pictures in face-to-face lectures; use of videos and audio tapes to play lectures in face-face classes to improve students’ learning experiences; use of guest lecturers on topics covered by students online; provision of textbooks and other reading materials to learners in advance before they start online lectures; training of learners before they start using e-learning systems.

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