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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 4, No. 3 (2008) open journal systems 

A formative assessment of information communication technology in Lebanese schools

Ramzi N Nasser, Qatar University, Qatar

Information Communication Technology (ICT) devices as servers, personal computers (PCs), hubs and other artifacts that make-up these technologies have important role in the educational development in public and private schools. This paper measures the level of ICTs in Lebanese public and private schools for the academic year 2005/2006 and evaluates the effectiveness of ICT on student school performance. The number of PCs, servers, printers, hubs, UPSs, scanners, LCDs, modem/fax, and email access, were measured and ICT indicator values were calculated. No significant differences were found between private and public schools on the aggregate level of ICT or computers per school or per student. The study also evaluated the effectiveness of ICT using the aggregate measure of ICT artifacts and PCs and its effects on student secondary school performance. A two-by-two factorial design using type of school (private/public), level of ICT (high/low) and PCs (high/low) was run on the baccalaureate-passing rate. Mainly, a significant difference between public and private schools was found, but no differences between the two ICT levels (high/low) or PC levels (high/low) per student. ICT levels in private schools did not impact student performance specifically, passing the baccalaureate exams. Although ICT levels were higher in private schools, the differences were not significant at the 0.05 level.

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