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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 5, No. 3 (2009) open journal systems 

New paradigms in the teaching and learning of accounting: Use of educational blogs for reflective thinking

Mahesh Joshi, RMIT University, Melbourne
Ritesh Chugh, C Management Services Pty Ltd. and Central Queensland University, Melbourne, Aus

In order to meet the demands and expectations of increasing global competition, contemporary accountants are said to include a range of generic skills such as analytical and problem-solving skills, personal and interpersonal communication skills, management, negotiation and organisational skills, and the ability to apply these skills in a range of unique situations. Teaching, learning and applying these skills in a contemporary environment would mean the involvement of technology in the 21st century. This would rivet adopting teaching and learning strategies that move away from procedural tasks and memorising of professional standards to a more conceptual and analytical form of learning. In recent years, the society has witnessed significant technological innovations most importantly in the form of Internet technology, as a most effective communication tool, that has gained an increasing popularity among individuals, organisations and institutions. This paper primarily focuses on educational blogs as an engagement and reflective tool for accounting students and how blogs can be useful for improving the educational outcomes for accounting students. The first part of the paper discusses pedagogical importance of student engagement and importance of educational technologies in teaching and learning. The second part of the paper will explain the concept of educational blogs and how blogs and be used as a reflective assessment tool in accounting education. The last part of the paper will illustrate and evaluate the role of educational blogs in accounting education.

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