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Technology Integration, e-Learning and Course Design, and Practical Uses of Social Media Apps, Web Portals and AI/AR/VR

 front pages for this issue  
 Front Pages Vol 17, Issue 3  Abstract
  Denise B. Gaspard-Richards

 Editorial: IJEDICT Vol 17, Issue 3  PDF
  Denise B. Gaspard-Richards

 refereed articles  
 Benefits, Challenges and Prospects of Integrating E-Learning into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: A mini review  PDF
  Gordon Monday Bubou and Gabriel Chibuzor Job

 Beyond Optimistic Rhetoric: Social and Cultural Capital as Focal Deterrents to ICT Integration in Schools  PDF
  Reuben Dlamini and Alton Dewa

 Assessing the Adoption Behavior of E-Learning in a Developing Country in South East Asia: Predicting an Alternative Path to Behavioral Intention to Use   PDF
  Md. Khaled Amin and Mahmud H Zaman

 A Comparative Analysis of Smartphone Security Behaviors and Practices  PDF
  Amita G Chin, Beth Jones and Philip Little

 ICT Perspectives of Productive and Sustainable Development for 21st Century Higher Education Institutions   PDF
  VEDVYAS J DWIVEDI and Yogesh C. Joshi

 Students’ Acceptance of WhatsApp/Telegram for Online Classes: Osun State, Nigeria as a Pilot  PDF
  Temitope A OTEYOLA, Oyetola Oyeniran, Isyaka Bello and Emmanuel Olajide Awopetu

 Dynamics of Social Media on the Academic Performance of Students in Private Universities in Ghana  PDF
  Richard Okoampa-Larbi, Professor John Adu-Kumi, Solomon Aboagye, Caroline Tettey and Godfred Amissah

 Appraisal of Agro-Students’ Exploitation of Digital Education Apps for Academic Tasks Performance in Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria  PDF
  Okanlade Adesokan Lawal-Adebowale and Olalekan Oyekunle

 Usability Evaluation of Web Portals in Fostering Social Learning  PDF
  festus O Oliha

 Empowering Students’ Cognitive Learning of Creative Colours through Computer-Based Concept Map  PDF

 On the Varying Effectiveness of Computer/Mobile-Assisted Language Learning  PDF
  Svetla Ben-Itzhak

 Jordanian EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Utility MoE-Enforced Online-Based Instruction during the COVID-19 Pandemic  PDF
  Salameh Fleih Obeiah

 from the field  
 Design Strategies for Developing an Engaging Online Course in Higher Education  PDF
  Gaspard Mucundanyi

 Review of Prevailing Trends Barriers and Future Perspectives of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) in Higher Education Institutions  PDF
  Mahammad Sharifov, Samaya Safikhanova and Abdulsalam S Mustafa

 Assessment Of Teachers Perception On Modern Technology (ICT) And Communication Effeciency: A Case Study  PDF
  STEPHEN OLUFUNSO OLORUNSOLA and Francisca Nonyelum Ogwueleka

 The role of teachers’ attitude towards the use of the tablet in the first-grade elementary classroom  PDF
  Fabio Dovigo

 research in progress  
 The Collective Integration of Technology (CIT) Model: Helping Teachers Incorporate Technology Meaningfully in Their Everyday Work  PDF
  Lais Oliveira Leite and Altti Lagstedt

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