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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 6, No. 3 (2010) open journal systems 

An assessment of readiness and barriers towards ICT program implementation: Perceptions of agricultural extension officers in Indonesia

Sutrisno Hadi Purnomo, National Central University
Yi-Hsuan Lee, National Central University, Taiwan

This study investigates agricultural extension officers’ perception of readiness and barriers toward implementation of ICT program. Data was gathered from 312 extension officers affiliated with public organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture in four regencies of Indonesia. Descriptive statistics, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, and one-way ANOVA were applied to analyze the data. In order to provide better insights, this study adopts the assessment model of e-LRS to measure the readiness of ICT program implementation. The first finding reveals that they perceived that three out of the four factors of readiness as positive. The e-LRS assessment revealed that they perceived farmer readiness as lowest and thus considered it as a barrier. The second finding reveals that technological and organizational cultures were also seen as the main barriers of ICT program implementation. The third findings show that they felt that the two demographic variables, regency and age, must also be considered when ICT programs are implemented. The results of this study can provide guidance to the government or relevant organizations when considering readiness and barriers towards implementing ICT programs. In addition, this study advances the theory of adoption behavior and contributes to the foundation for future research aimed at improving our understanding of agricultural extension officers’ behavior.

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