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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 8, No. 2 (2012) open journal systems 

Information and communication technology Integration into teaching and learning: Opportunities and challenges for commerce educators in South Africa

Thomas E.B. Assan, North West University, South Africa
Raju Thomas , Barolong High School, Mafikeng South Africa

The study examined the opportunities available and challenges experienced by Commerce subjects’ educators using ICT. Quantitative and qualitative descriptive research was used. Six high schools were purposely selected for the study because they are all equipped with computer laboratories. A purposive sample consisted of 138 school-based commerce educators, 6 School governing Bodies (SGB) members, and 6 school managers from one particular Area Office (AO) in the North West Province, of South Africa. Questionnaires, interviews and observations were tools used to collect the data. The findings of the study identified some major opportunities and challenges in integrating ICT into teaching and learning activities. The study recommends relevant and appropriate management and use of ICT by teachers and resource to empower schools with ICT infrastructure – physical and human resources, as well as ICT training which will empower commerce educators to transform their traditional modes of delivery into new modes of delivery.

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