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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 9, No. 3 (2013) open journal systems 

A study of the tablet computer’s application in K-12 schools in China

Taotao Long, The University of Tennessee, USA
Wexin Liang, Center for Distance Education, Beijing Institute of Education, China
Shengquan Yu, College of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, China

As an emerging mobile terminal, the tablet computer has begun to enter into the educational system. With the aim of having a better understanding of the application and people's perspectives on the new technology in K-12 schools in China, a survey was conducted to investigate the tablet computer's application, user's perspectives and requirements among K-12 students, teachers and educational administrators in developed areas in China. The findings of the study showed that K-12 students, teachers, and educational administrators, still need deeper understanding of the new technology's application in K-12 education. In addition, this study indicated that in order to introduce tablet computers into K-12 education in China and other developing areas, more attention should be paid to the comprehensive design of the whole educational system, including the design of the learning support system and instructional strategies, as well as the design and development of educational software and resources.

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