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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 3, No. 3 (2007) open journal systems 

E-learning data warehouse maintenance system for collaborative learning availability resources optimization

Akaichi Jalel, University of Tunis, Tunisia

In a learning space populated by a great number of e-learning resources, data warehousing maintenance techniques seem to be a guarantee for any time e-learning informational resources availability and sharing, while minimizing communication costs and fault tolerance. In fact, an e-learning Data Warehouse is constituted by e-learning informational resources collected from heterogeneous, distributed, and autonomous information sources. It has to be regularly updated and maintained, when e-learning information sources change their contents and/or their schemas, in order to ensure integrity, accessibility, availability and the consistency of the afforded information. In this paper, we propose to study the issues of using agents to achieve e-learning data warehouse maintenance under schema changes. We focus on agents’ collaboration leading not only to the availability optimization of e-learning informational resources, but also to the increasing of the system components autonomy, avoiding network saturation and to the decreasing of a variety of costs such as communication and execution times.

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