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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 12, No. 1 (2016) open journal systems 

Student perception on a student response system formed by combining mobile phone and a polling website

Adam KL Wong, SPEED, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Every teacher understands the importance of getting timely student feedback for effective and efficient teaching and learning. However, students are not always keen to answer. There is a need for an efficient method to engage all the students in a classroom and quickly evaluate the progress of their learning. Student response systems (SRS) are effective increasing student engagement, even in a large lecture hall. In a traditional SRS, the students use a small portal device, called a clicker, to choose their answers. Then proprietary hardware and software will collect and display the results to the class. With the widespread use of mobile phones, it is possible to replace the clickers with mobile phones, and the proprietary software with commercially available polling web site. This study used a polling website and combine it with the mobile phones of students to form an SRS. The SRS was for 6 weeks and 1,155 answers were received. A survey afterwards showed that the students have very positive attitude towards the SRS. The majority of the students indicated that it SRS made the lessons more interesting and helped them to maintain their attention. They also indicate that they were willing to use SRS in future.

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