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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 12, No. 3 (2016) open journal systems 

A cross-cohort exploratory study of a student perceptions on mobile phone-based student response system using a polling website

Adam KL Wong, SPEED, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Simon Wong, HKCC, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In a Student Response System (SRS) , students answer the teacher’s questions using handheld devices, called “clickers”, or more recently, their own mobile phones via the Internet. The SRS gives the teacher an immediate assessment of the understanding of the students collectively and individually. A literature survey in ERIC, an education-focused academic database, showed that there is relatively little research on mobile phone-based SRS using the Internet. Furthermore, the research on student perceptions using a across-cohort approach was non-existent. In this exploratory study, 274 students, who were at different stages of study at a university, were taught using a mobile phone-based SRS and a polling web site. A subsequent online survey based on the Technology Acceptance Model was conducted. It was found that the students showed high perceived usefulness and high perceived ease of use on the SRS, despite their differences in their stages of study. The female students had marginally less positive perceptions on the SRS than the male students.

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