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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 13, No. 3 (2017) open journal systems 

Attitudes towards instructional games on Peace Education among second year students in junior secondary schools in South-west Nigeria

Ayoade Ejiwale Okanlawon, Osun State University, Nigeria
Jubril Busuyi Fakokunde, Osun State University, Nigeria
Florence Adeoti Yusuf, Osun State University, Nigeria
Mutahir Oluwfemi Abanikannda, Osun State University, Nigeria
Anthonia Ayobami Oyelade, Osun State University, Nigeria

The popularity of games and it availability through both ICT and non ICT tools require the investigation of students attitude towards the use in instructional delivery. The study therefore examined students’ attitudes towards instructional games on peace education. A total of 360 students randomly selected from the six states forming the South-West geopolitical zone in Nigeria participated in each of the games after which their attitude was examined. Two instruments namely, Attitude towards Board Game Questionnaire and Attitude towards Computer Game Questionnaire with reliability coefficient of 0.73 and 0.75 respectively were used to collect data. Data were analyzed using mean, Pearson product moment correlation and t-test. The results revealed: (i) students positive attitude towards the instructional games (ii) significant relationship between students’ attitudes towards the instructional games and their achievement in peace education (iii) significant difference in students’ attitude towards the games based on gender. The study recommended: (a) the use of instructional games for learning (b) provision of necessary facilities needed for the use of game-based strategy in instructional delivery (c) training of teachers to develop and use of game-based strategy in the teaching-learning process (d) designing of gender neutral instructional games.

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