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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 14, No. 1 (2018) open journal systems 

Implementing small scale ICT projects in developing countries – how challenging is it?

Thashmee Karunaratne, Stockholm University, Sweden
Colombage Ranil Peiris, Stockholm University, Sweden
Henrik Hansson, Stockholm University, Sweden

ICT and development implementations in developing regions depend on many factors. This paper summarises experiences of efforts made by twenty individuals when implementing small-scale ICT development projects in their organizations located in seven developing countries. The main focus of these projects was the use of ICT in educational settings. Challenges encountered and the contributing factors for implementation success of the projects are systematically investigated using interviews and follow up surveys. Results show that the typical limitations of technology and infrastructure were the key obstacles. The commitment of individual project managers in the role of “change agents” and organizational support were the strengths behind the success of the projects. Based on the outcome of this study, professional development of the change agents is a key factor for the success of projects. IT and infrastructure limitations contributed to the failure of the majority of the ICT related projects.

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