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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 14, No. 1 (2018) open journal systems 

Toward an online MPH degree in Kenya: Moi University’s path

Peter Kipkorir Koskei, Moi University, Kenya
Rose Ruto-Korir, Moi University, Kenya
Carol Carrier, University of Minnesota, USA
Gregory C. Sales, University of Minnesota, USA

As higher education institutions around the world strive to ensure they remain relevant by meeting the needs of today’s digitally-focused students, the number of online courses and degree programs offerings is increasing dramatically. Not surprisingly, given this trend, in recent years the School of Public Health at Moi University, in Eldoret, Kenya, has received inquiries from students across Kenya and the neighboring countries of Rwanda, Zambia, and Malawi about the availability of online courses. Recognizing the benefits to both potential students and the institution, SPH set a goal to join the trend to offer online courses. This article details SPH’s path toward that end. It discusses the rationale for this decision, examines the state of ICT in Africa in general and Kenya more specifically, the activities undertaken by SPH, resources that have been devoted to the effort, progress made, challenges faced, and the status of the work to date. KEYWORDS Online Learning; Online MPH; Kenya; One Health; e-learning

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