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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 15, No. 1 (2019) open journal systems 

Modeling E-learning interactivity, learner satisfaction and continuance learning intention in Ugandan higher learning institutions

Bashir Kishabale, Islamic University in Uganda

This study based on cross-sectional survey approach examined E-learning interactivity which was hypothesised to be a multidimensional construct, its association with learner satisfaction continuing learning intentions. The Transactional Distance theory by Moore (1989) and the three-way model for computer-initiated interaction by Evans & Sabry (2003) formed the study’s theoretical framework. The quantitative data were collected using a 28-item questionnaire from 232 learners who had enrolled in various CISCO E-learning courses. Principle Components analysis revealed a three-factor structure of E-learning interactivity comprised of learner-content, learner-interface, and learner-E-learning system feedback interactivity. Additionally, Confirmatory Factor analysis confirmed the reliability and validity of the three-factor measurement model; while the SEM fit indices revealed that the structural model has achieved goodness-of-fit. Lastly, the results have confirmed that with the exception of learner-content, the other interactivity sub dimensions demonstrated a significant relationship with learner satisfaction, and in turn, learner satisfaction had a positive influence on continuance learning intention. The results have supported and extended previous works on E-learning interactivity. This study is important for making evidence-based decisions by E-learning instructional designers, interface designers, subject matter experts and instructors while designing, implementing and evaluating E-learning interventions for Open and distance learning.

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