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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 15, No. 1 (2019) open journal systems 

Integrated computer-based management information systems: The complexity and diffusion in Rwandan higher education institutions

Byungura Jean Claude, University of Rwanda, Rwanda / Stockholm University, Sweden
Henrik Hansson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Ruhinda Ben, University of Rwanda, Rwanda

The current trend in universities is marked by integrating information technologies into their service delivery. Particularly in administration and management, processes are being modernized, although not successfully in some institutions. This study aims first to understand the complexity of an integrated educational management information system (IEMIS) at the University of Rwanda and then to evaluate the degree of its diffusion in university services. Complex Adaptive System and Innovation Diffusion theories were used as a conceptual framework for this study. Document survey, observations, and interviews were used for data collection. Findings indicate that the IEMIS is characterized by the complexity features as it is composed of diverse subsystems (Organism, Roles, Objects, Method, and Concept) which emerge, interact, co-evolve, and re-organize in order to adapt to the institutional disruptive structures. It was also revealed that the IEMIS integration is still at the abstraction level for all subsystems while for only few university functions, the system is diffused at knowledge, persuasion, and decision stages. Concerns related to the current unsatisfactory state of IEMIS integration and proposals for improvement are also discussed. Further studies should explore the complexity and diffusion levels for E-learning systems that support pedagogical activities in a similar case study context.

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