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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 15, No. 2 (2019) open journal systems 

Exploring the Role of Information and Communication Technology for Pedagogical Practices in Higher Education: Case of Ethiopia

Amanuel Ayde Ergado, Assistant professor

ICT is a key role player in higher education institutions for pedagogical practices. This paper is aimed to explore the role of ICT in Ethiopian higher education system. In Ethiopian Higher Education system there are movements to integrate ICT into teaching and learning practices. However, the implementation is inadequate as improved quality education for all. Factors like limited infrastructure, user’s attitude towards ICT, management support, skilled human resources and policy issues supporting ICT integration are affecting the implementation of ICT in Ethiopian higher education. To explore the role of ICT in Higher Education system of Ethiopia, in this paper the researcher reviewed the literatures and interviewed professionals from ministry of education and ministry of science and technology. These ministries and professional working in them are purposively included. The findings of the study indicated that lack of ICT policy for pedagogical practices as main challenge to integrate ICT in teaching and learning. Further lack of support from top management, implementation problem, lack of training for instructors and experts, the structure of ICT service under administrative unit and student’s skill to use ICT for their learning are considered as the critical problems for the integration of ICT for pedagogical practices. Therefore, on the role of ICT for pedagogical practices in higher learning institutions an epistemological case study is required to explore more issues related to the integration of ICT in Ethiopian Higher learning institutions.

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