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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 15, No. 4 (2019) open journal systems 

The Effect of Quality Antecedents on the Acceptance of Learning Management Systems: A case of two Private Universities in Nigeria

Mohammed Nasiru Yakubu, American University of Nigeria

Research has shown that the use of technology for teaching and learning can be beneficial to both learners and instructors. Unfortunately, there are only a few universities in Nigeria that have been able to implement the use of technology for learning purposes, resulting in too few studies that investigate the factors that contribute towards the acceptance of eLearning systems in Nigeria. In this study, we develop a conceptual model to examine the influence of three quality antecedents on the behavioral intention to use learning management systems (LMS) by Nigerian students. An online survey was used to capture the students’ perception of instructor quality, course quality, and system quality in regard to the use of the LMS in their respective institutions. 378 usable responses were received, and through use of the structural equation modeling (SEM) technique, the responses were analyzed. Our findings indicated that of the four hypotheses tested, all of the hypothesized relationships were supported. Our research model accounted for 33% of the variance in the students’ behavioral intention to use the LMS. The results of this study will be informative to administration and governing bodies that adopt an LMS and will be relevant and beneficial to students in Nigerian universities.

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