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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 15, No. 4 (2019) open journal systems 

Evaluation feedback on the functionality of a mobile education tool for innovative teaching and learning in a higher education institution in Tanzania

Godfrey Isaac Mwandosya, College of Business Education
Esther Rosinner Mbise, College of Business Education

This paper presents the findings of the evaluation feedback on the functionalities of a mobile education tool (MET) prototype at the College of Business Education (CBE) known as the CBEMET Prototype, in Tanzania. The paper also describes the extent to which the CBEMET Prototype adheres to the traits and ideas of Design Science Research (DSR). To evaluate the pedagogical impact of the CBEMET Prototype in a real-life learning environment setting, a sample of 40 teachers was purposefully selected and 160 undergraduate students randomly selected for an experiment from the Dar es Salaam campus of the CBE. The data were collected through in-depth interviews and questionnaires administered to both teachers and students. The results of the students’ management information system course pre-test and post-test were also collected and analyzed. Thematic analysis was done in regard to the qualitative data and descriptive analysis for the quantitative data using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) IBM version 23. The findings reveal that the CBEMET Prototype has significantly improved the sharing of education-related resources among teachers and students and reduced the cost of producing hard copies of education resources. The prototype has sparked innovativeness among teachers and students in the teaching and learning process.

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