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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 17, No. 3 (2021) open journal systems 

Benefits, Challenges and Prospects of Integrating E-Learning into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: A mini review

Gordon Monday Bubou, National Centre for Technology Management, Nigeria
Gabriel Chibuzor Job, National Open University of Nigeria

This article presents a preliminary review of prior studies for an ongoing master’s dissertation. It is aimed at enabling stakeholders to properly comprehend the construct of electronic learning (e-learning). E-learning is actually one of the most dynamic and enriching systems of education that exists these days. It is seen as a significant educational innovation, particularly within learning ecosystems of tertiary institutions that is found to be aiding the process of teaching and learning with technology. E-learning has further transformed educational technology, providing easy access to education for many, who hitherto were unable to go to school before the transformation. It is facilitating meaningful learning activities leading to knowledge retention and maximizing academic achievement, as learning is transferred into the real world of work and life. In this paper, the historical perspective of e-learning, operational definitions of the e-learning concept, some of the tools and platforms that support e-learning and its delivery modes are presented. Most importantly, the paper assesses the e-learning ecosystem in Nigeria’s higher education sub-sector, articulates the benefits, challenges, and prospects of integrating e-learning into the educational arena, and then offers some recommendations to address the challenges.

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