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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 16, No. 2 (2020) open journal systems 

The influence of digital globalisation on an East African university

Rachel Sing-Ee Tan, University of Otago
Tony Harland, University of Otago
Ben Kei Daniel, University of Otago

This case study provides an in-depth analysis of the role of digital technologies in the process of globalisation in higher education in a developing nation in the Global South. We explore some of the triggers and enablers of digital technologies in an East African university that aspires to be a globally recognised research-intensive institution. The semi-structured interviews with senior administrators and academic staff revealed that the university recognised a digital dividend by establishing networks with private companies and other universities. Participants also talked about the opportunities afforded by MOOCs in supporting teacher access to learning materials developed by others, how their own MOOCs could enhance global recognition and how the concept could be utilised as a platform for the conservation of linguistic heritage. However, many concerns were raised to highlight the digital divide and the difficulties faced by a university in a developing nation. The university was globally disadvantaged as it had little choice in embracing digital technology while experiencing limited options for what this could achieve. Despite limitations, the findings showed that the university actively sought opportunities afforded by digital technologies to help claim its position as an emerging university in East Africa and develop a global presence.

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