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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 17, No. 1 (2021) open journal systems 

Contextualizing Micro-learning Deployment: An evaluation report of platforms for the higher education institutions in Tanzania

Mohamed Abdulrahman Ghasia, Mzumbe University
Edger P Rutatola, Mzumbe University

Micro-learning is a modern learning approach hailed for improved course completion by learners and retention capability. Micro-learning relies on technologies of various types to offer improved learning experiences to learners anywhere and anytime. Micro-learning platforms of various types offer course managers and educators features for managing courses, collaborating with learners as well as monitoring their progress. Unfortunately, due to the novelty of micro-learning as an area of research, there is a scarcity of literature guiding institutions and decision-makers concerning technological choices for the right deployment. This paper proposes eleven platforms for micro-learning deployment in higher learning institutions (HEIs), particularly in Tanzania. The paper is influenced by the Design Science Research approach and the Critical Theory of Technologies. A stage-based methodology for software evaluation was used in the current study. Specifically, thirty-seven platforms from key industry trends were evaluated. The proposed eleven platforms are generically relevant for the Tanzanian context as they are affordable, customizable, and functionally able to offer quality micro-learning services. The paper adds knowledge to the micro-learning deployment domain as well as offers practical guidance to those intending to deploy micro-learning services.

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