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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 17, No. 3 (2021) open journal systems 

Students’ Acceptance of WhatsApp/Telegram for Online Classes: Osun State, Nigeria as a Pilot

Temitope A OTEYOLA, DR
Oyetola Oyeniran, DR
Isyaka Bello, DR
Emmanuel Olajide Awopetu, Mr

COVID-19 Pandemic disrupted educational and other socio-economic activities globally. This stimulated the advocacy of online classes in preparing Senior Secondary School III students in Nigeria for WASSCE. The argument for and against the adoption of the emerging technologies necessitated the need to determine the level as well as parental background influence on the students’ acceptance of WhatsApp/telegram for online classes. The research adopted survey research design. The population for the study was all Federal Unity SSS III students that registered for the 2020 WASSCE in Osun State. One hundred SSS III students each from the three Federal Unity schools in the State were sampled using accidental sampling technique. Students’ Acceptance of Telegram/WhatsApp Based Online Classes, a Likert-type questionnaire was used for data gathering. Lawshe’s CVR test (α = 1) and Spearman’s correlation produced (r = 0.71). The study concluded that the acceptance of WhatsApp/telegram by the Federal Unity SSSIII students is slightly high and that none of the demographic variables (sex, parental background) influenced the acceptance of the technologies.

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