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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 18, No. 1 (2022) open journal systems 

Guidelines for Incorporating Active Learning Into the Design of Online Management Courses Utilizing the Successive Approximation Model (SAM)

Colleen Carraher Wolverton, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Brandi N Guidry Hollier, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The growth of distance education had increased by 263% in 2016 (Babson College 2016), with over 6 million students enrolled in online courses (Allen and Seaman 2017). With the onset of new paradigms in online education involving the use of academic coaches, open educational resources, and much larger class sizes, it is important to reflect upon best practices that can aid in the presentation and construction of knowledge in online environments. Through this paper we seek to provide faculty with guidelines to expedite the design process for developing high-quality online courses that incorporate important pedagogical elements, such as active learning, into their online course design. The authors employ the Successive Approximation Model (SAM), an instructional design approach consisting of repeated iterations (Allen et.al., 2012), to support their presentation and practical recommendations for designers of management courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Findings suggest the importance of feedback and evaluation, design considerations for shortened time frames of online courses, reiterating the importance of students checking their course assignment sites daily, simplicity of course design layout for ease of use on various platforms, and careful considerations regarding redesign of face to face courses into online courses. Such changes lead to improvements in course design and provide insight to instructional designers and evaluators as they seek to assess and assist others in this process.

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