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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 18, No. 1 (2022) open journal systems 

Students' learning experiences in a flipped classroom: A case study in Ghana

Benjamin Mr Aidoo, University of Iceland
Johnson Tswayo, Jasikan College of Education
Francis Quansah, Fosu College of Education
Sampson Kwadwo Boateng, University of Manitoba

The purpose of this research was to analyze students’ experiences in the flipped classroom and examine their perceptions of learning outcomes. This study aimed to introduce the flipped classroom approach (FCA) to undergraduate students to elicit more practical and conceptual information on how teachers can use this approach. The study utilized a mixed case study research design with triangulation to collect data through a survey and focus groups. The results showed that most students had positive perceptions of the flipped classroom in terms of engagement, usefulness, effectiveness, expectation, and satisfaction and would recommend the course taught using the flipped classroom approach. Also, the flipped classroom had positive learning impacts such as achievement, motivation, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. However, students faced some challenges learning in the flipped classroom environment due to a lack of resources to support their learning. The research contributes to the limited existing literature on flipped classrooms for stakeholders in developing countries.

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