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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 18, No. 1 (2022) open journal systems 

Exploring the Education Experience in Online Learning

Kimera K Moodley, University of Pretoria
Mari M van Wyk, University of Pretoria
Anna Sophia Robberts, University of Pretoria
Eugenie E Wolff, University of Pretoria

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected teaching and learning globally. An increase in distance learning through online digital platforms and electronic devices has created a drastic change in education. The implication of online learning continuing post pandemic is prominent. An exploratory study of the educational experience of online learning through the lens of inquiry within social, cognitive and facilitator presence was conducted. The study focuses on the experiences of 18 adult students in an 8 week short course on “Instructional Design Tools for E-learning”. All the participants within this course were in a role that involved online content development. Data gathered through weekly reflections and an online course evaluation survey reflects the importance, affordances and shortcomings in designing for online learning. The study reflects dynamic and authentic learning experiences and highlights the significance of design practices. An unexpected finding was the importance of learning presence as a contributing factor to the online learning experience.

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