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 International Journal of Education and Development using ICT > Vol. 19, No. 3 (2023) open journal systems 

Writing with ChatGPT in a context of educational inequality and digital divide

Eduardo Santiago-Ruiz, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional

Mexico faces significant challenges concerning the digital divide and language-related proficiencies. Considering transformative technologies like ChatGPT, it becomes imperative to examine their implications for Mexican universities. This study is situated within the context of campus 095 at the National Pedagogical University (UPN), aiming to ascertain the perceptions and applications of ChatGPT among both students and educators. One key aspect of this research is its empirical nature. The research methodology involved a combination of participant observation and the analysis of students’ assignments spanning from January to June 2023. The findings of this investigation reveal that students possess an elementary grasp of ChatGPT’s capabilities. Predominantly, it is employed as an information retrieval tool, with limited awareness about its proclivity for generating fabricated content. Many students struggle to identify grammatical or organizational issues in their texts and lack the proficiency to effectively employ prompts to correct them. Conversely, educators exhibit a lack of familiarity with ChatGPT, impeding the learning process as students adopt its use. While the utilization of ChatGPT holds the potential for substantial educational benefits, it is imperative to take tangible measures to ensure that these advantages materialize within education systems characterized by a digital divide and deficiencies in academic writing, like the Mexican context

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